Aim of NeuroBITE

The aim of NeuroBITE is to enable clinicians to quickly identify, evaluate and implement evidence-based interventions for psychological issues experienced by people with acquired brain impairment. Also, the database enables students and researchers of different disciplines to find articles which might be relevant to their field of study.

For more information about evidence-based practice and evidence-based medicine (EBM), please have a look at our Links.

How did NeuroBITE start?

In response to the interest of the Motor Accidents Authority of New South Wales in promoting evidence-based practice in clinical settings, our team made a submission for a study to determine the feasibility of establishing a database specifically for cognitive and behavioural therapies for psychological problems/issues after acquired brain impairment. Outcome of this study? Since 2004, the NeuroBITE database has been providing clinicians, researchers and students from various disciplines with up-to-date, evidence-based information on treatment for people with acquired brain impairment.

Members of the original team are a multidisciplinary group of researchers in Sydney, Australia, each of whom has many years of clinical experience in the management of people with acquired brain impairment:

Prof Robyn Tate
John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research
Faculty of Medicine
University of Sydney
and Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney
Dr Michael Perdices
Department of Neurology
Royal North Shore Hospital
Northern Clinical School
Discipline of Psychological Medicine
University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine

Prof Skye McDonald
School of Psychology
University  of New South Wales
Prof Leanne Togher
Discipline of Speech Pathology
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Sydney
Assoc Prof Anne Moseley
Musculoskeletal Division
The George Institute for International Health
University of Sydney

Kiri Winders, Maria Kangas, Regina Schultz and Kate Smith participated in the development of the database.

PsycBITE was launched on 7th July 2004. The database was renamed NeuroBITE in 2019.