Search Strategies

Keyword Searches
To search for a keyword, enter it in the keyword box and click the Query button. NeuroBITE will search for this word in the author, title, journal and abstract fields of all articles that the database contains at this point in time. Please make sure that you enter the keyword correctly, otherwise your search might not yield any results. Please also take spelling differences into account, e.g. a keyword search for “behaviour” will yield a different number of search results than a search for “behavior”. Other examples are “randomised” and “randomized” or “counselling” and “counseling”. We are currently working on a resolution for this issue. If you find other spelling differences, please let us know.

Drop-Down Menu Searches

You can search the NeuroBITE database using the drop-down menus only, or in combination with a keyword search. You can also combine several drop-down menu options. For example, you can search for articles focusing on the neurological group ‘Multiple Sclerosis (MS)’ and using the method ‘Systematic Reviews’. Choosing both these drop down menu options at the same time, and clicking the Query button will only yield results with articles that focus on multiple sclerosis AND are systematic reviews. Extend or Constrain Searches You can also search the NeuroBITE database for multiple options in the same field by extending or constraining searches. Extend uses the Boolean search term OR to extend search results to include more articles. Constrain uses the Boolean search term AND to constrain search results to include fewer articles. For example, if you wanted to find articles with a target area of amnesia OR depression:
  1. Choose ‘Amnesia’ from the target area drop-down menu
  2. Click the Query button
  3. When the results load, click on the ‘click here to show/hide’ text next to ‘All Criteria Search’. This will reopen the search options
  4. Choose ‘Depression’ from the target area drop-down menu
  5. Click the Extend button
These results will extend the original search results to yield articles that focus on amnesia OR depression. To find articles that focus on amnesia AND depression, follow the steps above but click the Constrain button, rather than the Extend button. This will constrain the results to only those articles that focus on both amnesia AND depression. Note: After your first search, below the Query, Extend, and Constrain buttons you will see your search history. This can help you keep track of your search terms and what the current search results are showing.